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Contract Wars Hack is made only for Contract Wars. Contract Wars is one of the best FPS games dedicated to mobile devices. What is FPS? We are sure that you know games like MoH or Call of Duty. So why should we pay attention to Contract Wars if we can play titles like MoH? Contract Wars have amazing game engine which can be even compared with PC engines. What’s more? We gonna tell you about the numbers, well the game is played daily by over the 2 millions of players from 5 continents. Game has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

Contract Wars is one of the our favorite game because we like that kind of rivalry and we love FPSes. We like to kill each other so that game was exactly for us. If you have friends who are into FPS, let’s play with them! If you want better experiences just use our Contract Wars Hack!

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Contract Wars have many interesting missions and it is similar to Combat Arms but for mobile devices. The game is completely unique thanks to combat system which make the game more exciting than other FPS.

In the beginning the game was only available for iOS but after the great success of Contract Wars, the creators decided to make the game for Android. It was one of the best moves they could do. Why? Because the Android Is great outlet. In the game we have two types of currency. Cash – that the value we get by killing players, doing missions etc. The second one is Gold which is paid value. Gold gives you access to unique weapons which cannot be bought with cash. This problem is solved by our Contract Wars Hack.

The game is very commercialized so without Gold you cannot get any advantage instead of your opponents so in our opinion, it is too hard to play Contract Wars without paying real cash, especially in the next stages of the game. When we realized that fact, we decided to make our Contract Wars Hack. Contract Wars Cheats are the best way to get everything you want!contract wars hack 2014Contract Wars Hack  is the most powerful software dedicated to Contract Wars. What makes our Contract Wars Hack unique? Well, the most important fact is that the Contract Wars Cheats is the only one working in the Internet because more than 98% of websites like us are just a bunch of scammers and they don’t care about their customers, they care only about the money. We are not like them! We pay attention to the customers at first place, so you don’t have to worry about not the working or outdated tool (Contract Wars Cheats). We are not working for money because we really enjoy our work and we are very satisfied if our customers are satisfied too. If you have any problem with Contract Wars Hack you can just message us via the Contact Page!

Contract Wars Cheats have unique options like Anti-Ban Mode or Unlimited Coins or Unlimited Gold. What’s more? Contract Wars Hack has also great and pleasant design.

How to use Contract Wars Hack:

  1. Turn on your game.
  2. Turn our Contract Wars Cheats.
  3. Choose interesting options for you.
  4. Press “Start Hack” and wait a few seconds.
  5. Have a fun with our Contract Wars Hack Tool!

contract wars hack download Features

Contract Wars Hack Features:

-Contract Wars Hack: Unlimited GP

-Contract Wars Hack: Unlimited SP

-Contract Wars Hack: Unlimited Credits

-Contract Wars Hack 10.50 MB

-Contract Wars Hack Platform: Facebook, Android / iOS

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Contract Wars hack download

-Contract Wars Hack – updated and working as of:



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